Our fleet is faster, larger and better equipped than ever before. We've upgraded our barges with hot oil systems to maintain the loaded temperature of the cargo through voyage and discharge time. This new heating system greatly reduces downtime and product loss while increasing efficiency. We've overcome the obstacles by applying sound fiscal judgment and foresight. When towing costs became too great, we built our own tugs, which provided our customers with a more cost-effective service. After World War II, when the nation began the transition from coal to oil, our company too made the change. Now, as the energy industry goes through a period of even greater change, Bouchard continues to look toward the future with progress and adaptation in mind. Through the years, however, two things will always remain constant-our commitment to our customers, and a strong corporate identity founded on a legacy of barging experience and a fervent family pride.


We Affiliates, from the top of senior management to our vessel crews, shall strive to achieve the following corporate objectives:

  • Safest working environment possible
  • Zero incidents impacting the environment
  • Zero injuries within the fleet and ashore

While increased regulations and modern technological advances within our industry have affected change among our competitors, we remains ahead, both in its application of these advancements, and its greater commitment to the petroleum industry.

All employees will work diligently to achieve the highest level of profitability which can only be chieved through a rigid adherence to the above corporate objectives. Profitability can only be achieved with crewmember and management commitment to this mission statement.