Our Flexi-Float, Rendrag, Poseidon, Shugart Style connections will match up to your own Flexi-Float, Rendrag, Poseidon, Shugart sectional barges excellently. Or you can choose to use our locking connections similar to Shugarts but once you see them even a non engineer like myself, can see our connections are clearly better, just like our sectional barges, Pusher Tugs, Tug Boats, Casino’s hotel barges, River Boats.


After doing an excellent job of welding our barges completely, inside and out, then we completely epoxy coat the inside and then we install the man-way hatch. Our man-way hatches allow storage of equipment, tools, materials and if you run aground, you can inspect for leaks, holes, from inside the barge without cutting open the deck. Should you accidently run into logs, debris, rocks, running aground or being dropped while being handled, our structure is better.