A single point mooring (SPM) is a loading buoy anchored offshore that serves as a mooring point and interconnect for tankers loading or offloading gas or fluid products. SBMs are the link between the geostatic subsea manifold connections and the weathervaning tanker. They are capable of handling any size ship, even very large crude carriers (VLCC) where no alternative facility is available.


Single Point Moorings are generally understood to be associated with vessels moored at a fixed location which weathervane around a single point. These SPMs are floating production, storage and offloading (FPSOs), FSOs, tower yokes, single anchor leg mooring systems (SALMs) and catenary anchor leg mooring systems (CALMs).


We have a very strong presence in Middle East. Our installations span from Kuwait to Yemen. We have done work for, and supplied systems to many companies in region.


The majority of the projects in the Middle East involve crude oil export operations which are normally handled via CALM buoy terminals. The oil tankers chartered throughout the region include the largest tankers ever built.